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Horticulture Surabhi Fruit Farm

We have more than 6000 plus fruit plants of different varieties including exotic fruits like Dragon fruit Lisa (Pink variety) of export quality .

Our commercial fruits

Dragon Fruit
(Lisa pink variety)

Mango (Kesari, Dashera, Mallika, Sheheri benishan )

Mosambi (Sweet Lemon ) Rangapur Variety

Hospitality/Bijaspur Nature center

  • Carnival convention hall
  • Merriment Mini Lawn
  • Fiesta Mega Lawn
  • Villa & Cottages


Taking our love for the planet and sustainable way of living further, our group has gone the extra mile and forayed into the segment of hospitality. As part of this wing, the group operates ‘Nature Center’ that is inspired by the innovative idea of providing luxurious hospitality in sync with pristine nature.

Spread over an area of over 13 acres, Nature Center provides a venue for various events and celebrations amidst lush green space, and provides a refuge for the senses. The resort is a positive effort to keep our corner of the earth wrapped in pristine nature.

The resort has been built artfully, and is wrapped in a haze of green, sprawls earthy and natural… meandering pathways, all crafted with natural materials, while also keeping in mind the provision of comfort and luxury.