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Bijaspur Group

R P Bijaspur & Co.

Bijaspur Group headquartered in Kalaburagi, Karnataka, has been inspired by the vision and belief that legitimate purpose of a business is not merely to make profit but to maximize value and add to the betterment of life. Under the visionary guidance of its founder, R P Bijaspur & Sarojini Bijaspur the group has grown and expanded exponentially in four decades since its inception. Established in 1983, Bijaspur Group is a conglomerate of diverse and independent business operations under one umbrella.

The growth and expansion of the group to include a broad range of activities, is a reflection of the guiding vision behind the formation of the group. With its network spanning across India and globally, the organisation offers extensive range of integrated, smart and reliable business solutions. The operations of the group span over a diverse range of sectors.

The Group is committed to provide quality and tech-enabled services to the clients and customers. The group blends creativity, ingenuity and service to provide world standard products and services for its clients. At the same time, the group is committed to preserve nature and to contribute to the welfare and upliftment of the society by positive and affirmative action.

Financial Services (CA Firm – 1983 & Domestic KPO – 2016)

The core operation of the group is providing chartered accountancy and financial management related services at par with the international standards. Under the visionary guidance of our mentors, CA RP Bijaspur and CA Prashant Bijaspur, the firm has been able to render the services effectively at par with the international standards. The diverse portfolio of services provided by this segment include Accounting , Audit, Tax Consultancy, Financial Advisory, drafting of financial statements, Budgeting, Business Analytics, Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate Services, Professional Accounting Services for SMEs, Manpower Management as well as long run Financial Management . Through another division, Bijaspur Professional Accounting Services, the group provides Accounting, Assurance & Compliance services to small, medium enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurs.

Our firm has solid experience in the areas of Statutory audits, Taxations, Appeals, Bank audits, Business consulting, Expatriate, Foreign Nationals, Non-Resident Indian services and back office processing. We also undertake ROC & Company Law related assignments. The firm has also diversified into another vertical, which comprises Data Management Services, Business Analytics, and KPO.

Owing to our technology enabled and innovative solutions and focus on uncompromising quality, we pride ourselves on catering to a rich clientele base, which include State Bank of India, Oriental Insurance, Reliance, Vodafone, Airtel, Karnataka Gramin Bank and various other state and national public limited companies..

Training & Skill Development (2015)

Through its division, Brilliance Professional Academy the group endeavours to fulfill its social responsibility by imparting training to the youngsters of the country and equip them with skills to earn livelihood. This segment focuses on skill development, and aims to contribute to society by creating an ecosystem for entrepreneurial culture. The activities under this segment include upskilling and reskilling the youth of this country, and providing them with relevant knowledge and skills for entrepreneurship. Training programme focuses on developing these entrepreneurial competencies and skills, including basic start- up knowledge, business planning, financial literacy and managerial skills, which are transferable and beneficial in many work contexts. The aim is not only to strengthen the capacity and desire of more individuals to start their own enterprises, but also to develop an entrepreneurial culture in society.

Technology & Innovation (2020)

In collaboration with ´Bellspire Virtual Art Private Limited”, “Technology” segment of the group is an endeavour to expand the operations of the organisation to create technology and innovations based solutions to benefit the society in general. Using “ Augmented Reality (AR), MetaVerse, Virtual Reality ( VR) and Mixed Reality (MR) technologies, this segment is involved in the development of innovative, technology based learning aids and solutions. Under the brand name of “BIJOM LEARN”, the group has launched “Bijom Learn Preschool Creative Learning Kit”, which is India’s first AR enabled product that helps the school & anganwadis going kids to enhance learning ability.

Event Management (2020)

We began our event management operations with Depro Events, which specializes in organising government-sponsored as well as corporate events. We have vast experience in delivering high- impact services to our clients. Since its inception the Event Management segment has successfully organised more than 450 events. As corporate event managers, we ensure that the events organized deliver the best return on investment for their companies.

Our specialized wedding segment, Depro weddings has organised spectacular wedding events, bringing dreams to life with panache. Our meticulous planning and efficient management takes care of every little detail from start to finish. Our dedicated team weaves together dreams, emotions, imagination, relations and responsibilities. We know and understand your emotions and your responsibilities as we endeavour to translate your dream wedding event to reality. Our aim is to provide you with unique wedding concept, theme and decor, making sure that no wedding concept is repeated.

Agriculture (2020) & Hospitality (2022)

In 2020, the group has expanded its horizons to include agriculture under its wings. Guided by the vision that the ultimate goal of farming is not cultivation of crops, but it is creating a harmonious life in sync with rhythms of nature. Inspired by the ancient Indian culture that considers nature as divine mother with immense powers. The aim is to build self-sustained farms with healthy soil that sustain nature and local communities both. The agriculture segment of the group is involved in the cultivation of export quality exotic fruits such as the Dragon fruit (Lisa Pink Variety), Mango (Dashera, Mallika, Sheheri Benishan, Kesar) and Mosambi (Sweet lemon of Rangapur variety).

With a focus on sustainable organic farming, the operations in agriculture segment of the group are completely free of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, thus maintaining a harmonious balance among the various complex ecosystems. Also, it has improved the quality of the soil which further improves the standards of the crops produced there.

Inspired by ancient Vedic Indian culture, that acknowledges sacredness of cows, and honoring nature, cows and innovative agricultural techniques for farming. The farm has its own a gowshala that houses indigenous cows, including the famous Gir cows. The cows of the farm provide precious organic manure for the soil.

Realty (2022)

In a post-pandemic realty, as we move toward normalcy, sustainability has come to the forefront. Keeping this in mind, we forayed into the land development and realty business in 2022. Our main motto is focus on building better life space and a better future for generations to come.

We are aware of the evolved realty, such as climate change, finite resource availability, and changing stakeholder expectations. In developing buildings, we follow responsible business model, giving priority to both economic and social development.

Corporate Governance:

R P Bijaspur & Co is proud to be among the leaders in providing comprehensive services and assistance to business houses to build corporate governance structures. Good corporate organisation. Good governance can be driver for increased turnover, efficiency and profitability and is fundamental to strong business performance. With the constantly changing laws, national and international framework of rules & regulations, expert services in corporate governance is essential for any organization. R P Bijaspur & Co. has a wealth of experience in all aspects of corporate governance. The company works towards building compliance and with international principles and best practices and standards, balancing the interests of the company as well as the company’s diverse stakeholders. Our Risk Advisory Service is both global and integrated. Our professionals, managers and staff observe the highest standards of ethics, and deliver uncompromising quality. We have a good understanding of the governance challenges that your organisation may face both locally and across multiple jurisdictions and capital markets. We make sure that the client’s interests are protected at all times. You can rely on us for expert, practical, professional and objective advice and support to design and implement corporate governance practices fit for your business and your challenges.